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While much of the subject of cosmic number touches upon the distant past, in the era of pre-history in which the Sumerian civilization arose, in it’s study of the physics of number, and sound as the creative principle of the universe it is very much up to the minute. Likewise it’s awareness of the energy-grids around our planet, which are joined in geometric relation and patterns, and by energy meridians known as ley-lines. Further it is concerned with how organic life, and the human being derive life from the energies of the Sun and the cosmos, as an integral part of it’s design… All the highest examples of cosmic# are joined by the subject’s broad underlying principles ; that everything in material reality, in the Universe is linked by harmonies of number which stem from pure maths and physics, or from the highest dimensions, even within the smallest atoms and particles, and the frequencies and wavelengths of light. This is central because from it came the growth of organic life, in resonance with the wavelengths of light as it reached the Earth, and created the complex conditions necessary for both the evolution of organic life, and then eventually sentient life. Matter and energy unite in all organic life, which serves a uniting purpose within the solar system for this reason, in the beings of countless advanced species, and particularly in mankind, who are believed to represent the fullest possible intersection of matter and energy. In cosmic # it is considered that the ‘matter’, or ‘materialised energy’ of the various levels of reality are to be found within the organisation and structure of the human body, so that the human being is a ‘template of the universe’ – or as put in various religions, ‘man is made in the image of God’.

Sentience has grown for millions of years on earth, in apparent defiance of the laws of time and Entropy… the complexity of material reality does not hide what this website believes to be the consonance of the Creation, and the universe, as a system of growth which has enabled the arising of intelligence, (be that intellectual, emotional, instinctive or otherwise) within material life, as the tending towards the highest expression of the cosmos. This perspective is not in opposition to ‘Darwinism’ but in step with it, while allowing for non-material factors to have influenced, or guided human growth, in asserting that evolution is ‘guided’ by energetic imperatives from the higher creative dimensions… Hopefully our different sections will enable a better understanding of such a perspective as a natural system of growth, from the higher dimensions through to the material ones – as matter itself arises from purely energetic processes – in a never-ending cycle of interaction between the various levels of reality. Something which in effect creates a system of inter-dependency and inter-action between the various levels of reality akin to the body of the human being, where all the metabolic processes of life are represented by different systems and organs (as well as different levels of energetic activity). So from the stance of cosmic#, the human being is the most complex, and complete individual structure within the material universe… something which has been said before of the human brain; itself just a fraction of the (infinite) human being.

So physiology, and it’s many connections to deeper structures of reality, is a large part of cosmic#, and will crop up in virtually every section of the website, in numerous ways. And this is something it holds in common with the early civilizations of antiquity, which hold many examples of ‘esoteric’ encodings of higher consciousness concerning some of the key functions and characteristics of the human being – as we shall see in sections on Sumer, the celestial lineages and Gilgamesh; Egypt, Giza, the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid; the Bible, and even the earliest societies’ artworks, mythology, architecture, literature and poems, and even music Etymology too is looked at to reveal some long-term patterns and relationships in key areas across some of the most significant civilizations of history. Likewise Earth mysteries and related matters such as world-energy grids, and Ley-lines are studied in some depth; a fascinating part of cosmic number.

Future articles in development include
  • The physics and (esoteric) science of sound.
  • The stelae of Sumer, Akkadia, Babylon and Assyria.
  • The Gothic architecture of Europe, and it’s links to Eastern wisdom.
  • Sacred sites around Britain and the world, and their potential connections.
  • The wisdom of ancient China, feng shui, acupuncture, and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts today.
  • more on the major prophets of the Bible; Enoch, Elijah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and the (incredible) Book of Job.
  • Gurdjieff’s theories of the Laws of Three and Seven – and the Enneagram.

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